Oct 24

Some relevant details about social processes – the challenges we face

On the long term the increase of the world population will peak at 9 billion people according to the latest projections from the United Nations. This raises the problem of the regional and age dispersion of the population. Mid-term calculations show that until 2050 Europe will lose its current positions regarding to population share (see table). In 2050 Europe with its 632 million citizens will have only 7 percent of the world population compared to 22 percent in 1950, and 12 percent in 2000. But who are the winners and the losers (continent level) of this trend globally? Concerning the change of the population Africa’s growth rate will be the fastest. Its population ratio will increase from 13 (2000) to 20 percent (2050). Asia will lose its population growth momentum, Chinese strict birth control has had its effect, Chinese population will stop at 1.4 billion. In the case of the other regions (Northern-, Central- and South America; Australia) population willdecline, or stagnate.  [...] Bővebben!

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