Dec 10

Romanian elections 2012

On the 9 December, 2012, the Social Liberal Union (Uniunea Social Liberală, USL), the center-left alliance led by Prime Minister Victor Ponta won the Romanian parliamentary elections with a landslide victory. The official results from the electoral commission were even more convincing of the USL majority than suggested by the exit poll data. With 81.49 percent of the votes counted, the USL has 58.63 percent of votes for the Chamber of Deputies and 60.03 percent for the Senate (status at 12:00 p.m., 10 December 2012). President Traian Băsescu’s Right Romanian Alliance (ARD) got 16.69 and 16.95 percent, the Popular Party took 13.53 and 14.18 percent of votes for the two chambers respectively. The Democratic Alliance of Hungarians in Romania (UDMR) gained around 5 percent of the votes for both chambers, the rest of the votes went for smaller parties whose support are below the 5 percent ceiling. Interestingly, President Traian Băsescu hinted before the election that he might refuse to re-appoint Mr. Ponta as Prime Minister, but with a clear majority such promises are highly unlikely to be kept. President Băsescu could nominate someone else, but his candidate would have to be approved by Parliament. The rejection of the candidate would lead to the dissolution of the Parliament. The government has threatened to move to impeach Băsescu again if he refuses to nominate Ponta. With strong support for the USL, potential clashes between the Prime Minsiter and the President could end up in a new political turmoil. Romania is the only country in the EU10 region with constant political and governmental deadlocks since 2008. [...] Bővebben!

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